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For the budding, new or seasoned EntrepreneuHER- here is the perfect addition to her desk. Get ready because productivity will be through the roof! The motivation behind this notepad pack was to increase productivity while doing so on fashionable stationery.


Here's what's inside:

1- To Do...Can Do...Will Do List

1- Notes of an EntrpreneuHER notepad

1- From the desk of an EntrepreneuHER notecard and envelope

2- EntrepreneuHER sticky notes

2- Stickers: "Proud EntrepreneuHER" and This Life Chose Me --> EntrepreneuHER"

1- Proud EntrepreneuHER button

1- Write Like an EntrepreneuHER black ink pen with stylus

EntrepreneuHER Notepad Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
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